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Effective investments without risks


payments 2018-01-12 09:31:38

Good afternoon.

Today the site was 2 hours inaccessible.

We were forced to disable automatic payments,

due to fraudulent attacks of several users.

Now each payment will be moderated by support.

This can take up to 24 hours, usually within 1-3 hours.


The TradeProfit command


ADV-CASH 2018-01-10 15:54:21

Good afternoon

ADV-CASH payment system is available for replenishment and withdrawal.

The minimum output on PAYEER and ADV-CASH is $ 1.



If you replenish the purse through PAYEER then the output is only through PAYEER.

If via ADV-CASH, then the output is only on ADV-CASH.


All partners who have replenished their wallet through BITCOIN can change their payment system to output. For this the partners have to contact the support.

Since the conditions for replenishment and withdrawal with BITCOIN have changed. (more you can read in the "Wallet" section in the cabinet).



Team TradeProfit


The platform will start today 2018-01-08 08:48:31

Good day.


The platform will start today at 09:00 (London time) 10:00 (Berlin time).
The following payment systems are currently available: PAYEER, BITCOIN, ETHERIUM, BITCOIN-CASH.

The payment system ADV-CASH will be activated soon.

Attention Bitcoin currently requires a very high transaction fee.


Team Trade Profit


Start of the platform 2017-12-30 13:45:26

Start of the project and activation of the investment program
will be held on 01/08/2018. (08:00 London Time)
From 01/01/2018, registration is open and the referral program is active.
Selecting a payment system and replenishing the balance will be available
from 03/01/2018. (08:00 London Time)

Team TradeProfit

Your stable source of income

Trade Profit is an officially registered investment project. With our help you will earn money on crypto-currency exchange without your direct participation in the complex trading process. Even the minimal deposit ensure a guaranteed profit from 3% to 4% per day.

Experienced financial specialists, such as traders, econimists, analysts, financial journalists are the part of the Trade Profit team. We develop short and medium term investment plans using everyday market and different crypto-currency pairs behavior analysis. The plans implementation brings significant income for us and our partners.


We are registered officially
More than 85% successfull deals completed
Long-term project
Minimal deposit is only $10
The deposit income is 40% per month during all deposit term
Quick operating with deposits and the interest – we support all popular payment systems
Comfortable virtual cabinet with all investment information. You are the only person who can access it and withdraw the money
All payments are automated. You can instantly withdraw your money or reinvest it into new deposit


The crypto-currency market is extremely dynamic. Significat chart leaps are conditioned by many reasons – from fake news to government interfere. Only a team of professionals can achieve a stable income. The Trade Profit specialists make deep market analysis when developing new plans


Our journalists and analytics are constantly watching the market trends. This allows to respond any news instantly and minimize trading risks. Such multilevel analytics ensure stable profit to our partners.


Earn without investments or multiply your deposit

Trade Profit allows you to earn not only by your personal investments. Our referal program will help you earn WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENTS by attracting new partners. The program has 3 levels:

You get 10% from each of your 1 level partner income;

You get 3% from each of your 2 level partner income;

You get 2% from each of your 3 level partner income;

Very interesting, but I'm not ready to risk

Are you ready to reject a unique source of income because of your fears, uncertainty or misunderstanding of how the system works and how traders earn? And at the same time you will watching the other people get significant passive income? It's time to chanege your attitude to new technologies and opportunities, and the our traders will multiply your funds!

Here in Trade Profit we believe: there are no reasons to slow down the crypto-currency development. Everyday news about blockchain technology implementation in different software and services only confirm the technology reliability.

Experienced investors know, that if you want to earn, you should find a trend. Using and trading crypto-currency tiday is the best econimic trend.

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